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Bridal Shower Invitations

Leigh Invite-02.png
Leigh Invite-01.png
Julia Invite-02.png
Julia Invite-01.png

About the 

CLIENT: Susan reached out asking for invitations for two bridal showers she was throwing with a group 

PROJECT: For Leigh's bridal tea, the clients asked for invitations incorporating the hydrangeas that they would be using for the shower. They also wanted to add the names of the party hosts. 

For Julia's around the house shower, the hosts asked for a colorful invitation that would match the "Around the House" theme. 


INSPIRATION: For Leigh's bridal tea I was inspired by the hydrangeas the hosts were using to decorate. For Julia's shower I was inspired by the party theme and chose fun items that might be gifted at an "Around the House" shower. 

SPECS: 2 sets of 25 5"x7" invitations on 18 pt. paper.

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