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Suga By Matt Branding

Primary Logo

Asset 1.png

secondary Logo

Asset 2.png
Asset 7.png

Business Cards

Asset 8.png
Asset 9.png

Additional Elements

Asset 5.png
Asset 4.png
Asset 6.png

Color palette

Asset 3.png

About the 

CLIENT: While working at Landshark Promotions, Matt Hester asked for business cards and branding for his bakery.

PROJECT: The client wanted a cohesive look he could use for his packaging, storefront, social media, and business cards.


INSPIRATION: Matt showed me inspiration photos of Mid Century patterns, designs, and shapes. I used the inspiration pictures to create a design showcasing his business while staying in his desired style and color palette.

SPECS: Branding with a new logo, color palette, and typeface pairing. 

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