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type designer posters

Artboard 9typedesignerfinal.png
Artboard 5typedesignerfinal.png
Artboard 12typedesignerfinal.png
Artboard 4typedesignerfinal.png
Artboard 15typedesignerfinal.png

About the 

PROJECT: During my Typography class, I designed posters mirroring the style of various Typographers Illustrators, Graphic Designers, or Type Foundries.

Each week I was to make a poster to showcase the given subject.

PROCESS: In order to create a consistency throughout the layout of the posters, I researched and created bios for each subject/designer. I wanted to create the poster in the style of the given person. I executed this through color choice, graphics, and typography.

SPECS: 15 page PDF created in Illustrator and InDesign

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